Elbrus from the north is a route for lovers of the virgin nature. There are no hotels, restaurants, cable cars or snow cats. So the climbers reach the summit by solely walking from the beginning to the end.

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    Mount Elbrus

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    North Route

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Day 1: Arrival to Mineralnye Vody

Our guide will meet you from your flights outside the arrival hall and will be holding logo of Elbrus Tours in his hands. the transport leaves for the hotel at 14.30 so flights need to be in and checked out before that time. Transport to Kislovodsk will take about 1 hour.

Day 2: We Depart for Basecamp

We will set off around 7am, you may leave some bags in the storage room at the hotel if there not needed. There's a opportunity to rent equipment if its necessary either in Kislovodsk or in basecamp itself. This usually takes about take 3 hours. Halfway there we will stop for breakfast at a local cafe with traditional Caucasian pancakes. There will be a lunch waiting for us at base camp and then we will stretch our legs a explore the surrounding area

Day 3: Take equipment to high camp

Today we will carry some of our equipment to high camp at 3800m and then come back to base camp. The way up takes about 4-5 hours and 2 hours on the way down. You can hire a porter to carry your backpack if you don't want to carry it yourself. This costs €3 per 1 kg.

Day 4: Move High Camp 3800m

Today we will move to high camp with the rest of our equipment. The rest of the day will be used for kit preparations and some rest and recuperation.

Day 5: Acclimatisation hike up to the Lenz Rocks

Acclimatisation hike up to the Lenz Rocks (4800 m). This will take 5-6 hours up and 2-3 hours down. Overnight at the high camp (3800 m).

Day 6: Referesher course

High camp (3800 m). Today we will run a snow and ice refresher course. You will practice self-arresting with an ice-axe when sliding down the slope amongst other skills. Then a early night ready for the big day

Day 7: Summit day!

Summit day!! Light breakfast and and early start usually around 2am. Initially, all climbers are striving to get to the West summit since it is 21 m higher than the East one but the way there is 3 hours longer and not everybody can manage this. If a group is big enough and there are several guides, the chief guide can decide to split the group in two. This takes place around about 5000m and it is the chief guide who decides who goes to the East summit and who goes to the West summit. He is responsible for safety of the group and every climber and he is experienced enough to estimate your physical and mental state of every participant, so his decision is ultimate. There is an important rule on Elbrus, at 1pm you have to turn down, no matter how close to the summit you are. This is because the weather is typically much worse after midday. If you are a slow walker you can hire a personal guide and start earlier than the other people in your group. Normally the ascent of Mount Elbrus takes about 9 -11 hours and the descent to the high camp at 3800m 4-6 hours.

Day 8: Reserve day for bad weather

Descent to base camp (2500 m) or a reserve day for summiting if the weather has been bad.

Day 9: Back to hotel

We head back to our hotel in Kislovodsk. Where we will receive our climbing certificates.

Day 10: Departure

After breakfast we will head back to the airport to check-in for the flight which usually departs at 10:00am. If your flight departs before that time or much more later, you will need an individual transfer, This costs €25 and takes 1 hour. 

Visa support
Group transportation from Mineralnye Vody to Kislovodsk and back
Kislovodsk accommodation with breakfast and dinner
Transfer Kislovodsk - Base Camp and back
Group equipment (ropes, ice screws etc)
1 guide for the group throughout the tour / 1 guide per 3 people for the summit attempt
Porter's and all food on the mountain
One summit attempt with guides
Base camp - tents (summer) or huts (spring, summer, autumn)
Park fee 
Hire of personal equipment (such as sleeping bag, boots, crampons etc) 
Single occupancy at hotel or in tent.
Private transportation from/to airport MRV
Mountaineering insurance
Porter services for personal belongings
Prescheduled return to Kislovodsk Accommodation for extra days
Personal travel insurance (very important)